A Dedication of Love and Honour to Matthew Luke Ward...

Dear Friends,

This Tribute page is dedicated to my son, Matthew Luke Ward (Matt).
Through his continued achievements and courage throughout his adversity and battle with Sarcoma, his remarkable story will be remembered, admired and spoken of by all he loved and who loved him dearly.
Please use this Tribute site freely. Simply, select the 'Contribute' link (top of the page) where you can choose to:

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Matt confronted his Sarcoma with sheer determination. Irrespective of the lengths he was prepared to go to; in 'the end', he would triumph...
As a member of a large online support community, spanning Europe and the USA, Matt would openly share his treatment experiences and offer his support and comfort to other children and young people, fighting for survival.

I would like to invite you to help cement Matt's legacy for all eternity. 
By lending your support for our forthcoming fundraising events; together, we can give hope to children and young people affected by Sarcoma, via 'The Christie Charitable Fund'.

With deepest Love & gratitude (on behalf of Matthew Luke Ward),

'One day, this battle will be won and not lost!' x


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